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Technical Support that is Affordable, Reliable, and Familiar!

Today, all businesses large and small depend on their computers and the Internet in their daily operations. This means that problems turn into business disruptions, so the right level of technical support is critical. Big business usually has an IT department, but often that's not affordable in the smallest organizations. This typically means that support comes from time-challenged or inexperienced in-house staff or from high-cost and limited focus outside vendors.

Our focus is on the stability of your whole technology environment and we make it affordable!

What to expect from a Technical Support Agreement with us

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  • Responsive & experienced technicians Our technicians bring experience in a wide variety of technology used in small and large organizations. Above all they will recognize and respect your priorities and needs to provide the support you need, when you need it.
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  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits Periodic onsite maintenance makes for a smoother, more efficient, environment and keeps us familiar. We can arrange a schedule that works best for you.  (Read more about this...)
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  • Onsite technical support In addition to maintenance visits, we provide onsite support for installations, training, coordination of other vendor activities, and for problem resolution whenever it's needed.
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  • Remote technical support Support doesn't always require an onsite visit and certain problems can't wait. We deploy state-of-the-art Remote Access tools and put them to work for both planned and emergency events.
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  • Documentation We maintain a comprehensive set of onsite and offsite documentation to support your technology. This helps us support you more efficiently, and also provides resources for designated staff so we're not always needed.
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  • Management oversight We closely manage the response and activities of our technicians and we serve our clients as their own staff would. We also provide oversight and management of the other technology vendors for many of our clients.
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  • A Wide range of additional support Computer room expansions/relocations, network cabling, phone & security systems, etc. We do more than you might expect and we have partners and resources for projects outside our scope.  (Read more about this...)

Computer and network problems are disruptive and frustrating so when finding the 'fix' is beyond your skillset, you will appreciate the value of responsive, experienced, and familiar technical support. Engaging Long Island Systems for technical support brings affordability and experience from people you can trust to keep your technology working at its best for you.

You are the ultimate decision maker, but with your trusted technical advisor standing behind you!