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We do more than you will ever get from most tech support companies

With over 40 years in the field in both large and small environments we can often say we've "been there, done that" so whenever you have an activity or project that you think may be outside our scope, please ask. We provide many services that go beyond what a traditional tech support company does, and for those things that are outside of our scope, there's a good chance we have related experience, partners, or other resources to provide some guidance.

The following are just few of the Additional Technical Support services we provide:

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  • Computer Room Expansions & Relocations With experience in large Wall Street Data Centers to to small computer rooms, we can coordinate with your construction contractors and and building managers on the planning & execution to get your project done right.
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  • IP Phone Systems We support many of our clients' existing phones, but the new direction is Voice over IP (VOIP). An IP Phone System can save you big money over the long term and we can put one in place at a surprisingly affordable up front cost.
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  • Hardware & Software Planning and Procurement Don't leave it up to your business software vendor! We'll work with you to make sure you have the right technology products at the right price to meet all the needs of your computing environment.
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  • Website Hosting and Administration Many small organizations pay their website designer ongoing fees for hosting and updates. We don't design, but along with tech support, we do hosting and administration of websites and e-mail for most of our clients.
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  • Security Cameras At about half the cost of a Security System installer, we can provide your small business with security camera and recording systems that can be accessed from anywhere including your smartphone.
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  • Network Cabling We bring the tools, equipment, and expertise to do anything from an extra cable run for a printer, to a full, new construction office build out. All without having to call in another high-cost vendor.
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  • IT Evaluations & Security Audits We do 'Meaningful Use' Risk analysis and remediation for Healthcare Providers as well as general security audits. For the small business in general, we can provide an overall IT Evaluation based on 35 years experience.
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  • Internet & Voice Service Evaluations Not sure if you're getting the best deal on your Internet or phone service? We do these evaluations for our clients on a regular basis and we often find changes that improve service and cut costs.
MORE Technical Support and Services than you'll get from any other Small Business Provider!