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Does your business have a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

The ultimate decision maker, especially in a small organization is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or owner, but in large organizations there is usually a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who brings experience (typically decades) and a dedicated focus to provide for the strategic and operational needs of managing the organization's technology tools.

In your small business, if you don't have anyone with dedicated responsibility for your IT then you're probably taking away valuable resources from the work of the business itself. However, even the smallest business doesn't need to hire expensive consultants or settle for a part-time junior tech. Unlike calling in a limited-focus or break/fix vendor, Long Island Systems could be, and would like to be your "part-time" CIO.

What you get when your CIO is Long Island Systems...

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  • Experience Over 35 years experience managing technology in environments as large as Fortune 500 corporate data centers down to the sole-proprietor business with just a few computers.
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  • Dedicated Focus & Resources A familiar, senior management level resource to assign technology projects or to assist in strategic technology decisions and with access to the right resources and superior tools.
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  • Limited Number of Technology Vendors We support a wide range of technologies, but can be counted on to bring in the vendor that best meets your needs. This minimizes excess vendor costs and relationships to simplify the management of your technology.
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  • Technology Vendor Management If you have needs outside our scope or skillset, we assist by evaluating vendor proposals and coordinating on installations and problem resolution. This ensures the effective integration of all your technology.
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  • Central Point of Contact One source to gather information for decision making, to get status on projects & activities, and to assign technology related tasks.
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  • Accountability Get action on technology problem resolution, costs, and schedules, unimpeded by other business responsibilities or activities.
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  • Technology Selection & Procurement Once we earn your trust, you can rely on us to get what you need. While we have partnerships and relationships with a wide array of vendors and suppliers, your CIO's allegience is to YOUR needs and budget.
Get the most from Your Technology with a CIO to manage it effectively!