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We help select & implement effective Cloud Computing solutions

Access to offsite systems and access to business systems from offsite have been widely used for over 20 years, but the term "Cloud Computing" has become well known due to recent innovations, marketing, and increased demand. There are many solutions available and they are usually sold as service subscriptions rather than perpetual software license purchases so if your business needs or wants a cloud solution then it's important to do an effective evaluation of those services and their costs.

Start your Cloud Computing Evaluation by considering:

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  • Some, or All Cloud-based Applications There are solutions that provide complete cloud-based desktop and shared data storage environments while many industry specific applications (eg. Quickbooks) are available as online subscriptions.
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  • Internet Connection Speed and Reliability For applications moved off your office network to the Cloud, the Internet connection becomes your life-line and must have the required capacity & reliability. You may even want to have a 2nd provider's connection as back up.
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  • Total Ongoing Costs Much of the marketing is focused on subscription price and often makes inaccurate presumptions about IT costs it can replace. A comprehensive evaluation should take into account what onsite support will still be needed.
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  • Data Security Where is the data, how it is backed up, and what are the host vendors policies for security & privacy. Do they run analytics on your data? Do they have industry compliance certifications for standards like HIPAA, FISMA, or PCI?

Cloud Solutions that we offer:

  • Hosted Exchange provides robust e-mail and shared calendars. With your subscription the familiar Microsoft Office programs are downloadable and always up to date for employee office and home computers as well as mobile devices, plus cloud file storage. The environment is hosted in Microsoft's world-class datacenters, available 99.9% and accessible from anywhere.           
  • Hosted Phone Systems

  • Replacing that old onsite PBX phone system? Why not use a hosted solution that is always up (even if your office loses power), provides state-of-the-art features like voicemail to e-mail, and handsets that can be connected anywhere there is Internet service? ... and at a significant up front and ongoing savings!
  • Server/Desktop Hosting

  • If you want the reliability of systems that are running in World-class data centers and available 99.9% of the time and/or you need access to your full set of office applications and files no matter where you go, then a fully hosted cloud solution may be the answer. Especially if you are currently plannng a replacement of your onsite server or your primary business applications, this is a solution you'll want to consider.
  • Cloud Storage & Backup

  • We have a number of solutions that provide cloud access to your files from offsite as well as backup and these solutions are 'enterprise' grade. You don't need to have employees using their own solutions (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) when there are affordable solutions that will provide access while preventing security breaches.
Cost-effective Cloud Solutions that make sense for Your Business!