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Coming In 2016: Windows 10

While Microsoft used the Windows Blue codename for Windows 8.1 and Threshold for Windows 10, the software giant is planning to use Redstone for its 2016 plans. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company is planning two updates to the core of Windows in 2016, one in the summer and one in fall. ...Continue Reading



What Are Phishing & Spear Phishing?



Stolen Credit Card Data Spreads Around the World "Staggeringly" Fast

How do thieves share their stolen data online? Security firm BitGlass tried to answer the question by leaking a fake trove of profiles that included credit card info and social security numbers. BitGlass placed tracking watermark on the falsified data, so researchers could see each time someone clicked on it. After dropping the bait (a few Excel files with different names) on seven darknet Pastebin sites and anonymous upload sites, all the team had to do was wait. ...Continue Reading



Open Source Windows?

That would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but comments by Mark Russinovich, one of the company's top engineers, suggest that's not the case now. In fact, if Microsoft wants to remain relevant in the market, it will move toward open source Windows sooner rather than later, maintained Jim McGregor, founder and principal analyst at Tirias Research...    Continue Reading


Katie Couric Explains the Cloud

We’ve all heard of it and this cloud cover isn’t rolling away anytime soon. 80 percent of small businesses in the US are expected to use Cloud Computing by 2020. So Katie Couric will clear it all up for us...  Watch the Video



Publication of New Internet Rules to Prompt Cheers and Challenges

For those who have spent more than a decade fighting for stricter regulation of the Internet, the official publication of the rules in the Federal Register, expected as early as Monday, will give reality to their latest victory. For those opposed, it is likely to touch off a flurry of lawsuits. The rules, approved in February by the Federal Communications Commission after months of heated debate, will forbid Internet service providers to speed up, slow down or block a consumer’s access to any particular content. ...Continue Reading



Proposed Amendments to US Cybersecurity Laws Under Scrutiny

The White House in January proposed updates to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act that have stirred controversy within the cybersecurity industry. "If the proposed legislation were to be enacted, it would certainly have a chilling effect on cybersecurity research," said Chris Doggett, managing director at Kaspersky Lab North America. The current law already does this sometimes...Continue Reading



Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Review



iPhone 6 review

Bigger and better, but with stiffer competition



Microsoft Surface 3 Hybrid Review



Google Goes Crazy for Chromebooks

Google on Tuesday announced two new budget-busting Chromebook computers, a tablet/notebook convertible with a full swivel screen, and a Chrome computer-on-a-stick.The Haier Chromebook 11 (pictured above) and the Hisense Chromebook both are available for preorder for US$149.The Asus Chromebook Flip will hit the market this spring with a $249 price tag... Continue Reading