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Do we need Scheduled Maintenance or just Break / Fix support?

Periodic maintenance is often overlooked and undervalued in very small organizations, but those in the know realize that it is a major factor in smooth running operations. If you want the most from your technology then it serves your interests to change from a "break / fix" or “as needed” support arrangement to one with scheduled maintenance.

The hardware, software, network, and procedures used in your environment work together as a system to serve your business, but all systems even when used properly and carefully, break down over time. Unfortunately, many small businesses view their technology as an appliance that just gets turned on and used for a number of years until it needs to be replaced. However, it is really more like a vehicle that requires regular maintenance to ensure that it operates efficiently and that problems can be avoided that would cause disruption to your business operations.

In our experience, and that of many of our clients, the stability of their operation is greatly improved with regular maintenance visits.

The following is what regularly scheduled maintenance visits provide for you:

Proactive Support
During our maintenance visits we often identify / fix problems that would cause disruptions later.
Performance Tune ups
All computers slow down over time so we do performance tuning to make sure yours are running at their best. Unlike the 'fast pc' type advertisements on TV, our tune ups aren't automated and since we know what should be running on your machines, it provides better results.
When we visit and work on your systems regularly, we know your environment better and can resolve problems faster. A familiar technician can often provide quick remote support and resolutions instead of a long frustrating call with a stranger and onsite visits can often be avoided.
Data Security
We check for situations that risk the security of your data. We ensure that your data is stored where it is protected and that it is backed up as scheduled. During our checks, we often find files where they weren’t intended to be and where they are not protected. Backups occasionally encounter errors and can even stop running for various reasons which may go undetected without scheduled checks. In addition, antivirus software features can get turned off or stop receiving definition updates so we make sure that's working properly too.
Regular Review of System & Security Updates
Microsoft and other vendors are constantly releasing updates to improve their software. Some are optional and some may conflict with other programs you run so we review them to make sure you have the updates you need.
Documentation Upkeep
We maintain a Tech Support folder on a server or designated computer at each client with all of the documentation to support your technology including a system inventory, network configurations, software installs, drivers, and licenses as well as a floor plan. This helps us support you better, but even if you change to a different vendor in the future they will have what they need for a smoother transition.
Identification & Implementation of Strategic Improvements
Our regular onsite maintenance visits can make us your trusted advisor. We can recommend or suggest improvements, additions and changes, but that's not all. We don't just get to know your technology, but we also get to know your people, your priorities, and how the different components of your technology work together to meet your needs so we can provide better strategic advice.

Depending on the size of your environment, we can recommend the schedule and duration of regular maintenance visits that would be appropriate for your environment. You should be aware that the scheduled maintenance visits don’t cover all of your support costs because there are times when support is needed that extends the length of a maintenance visit, or requires a separate (sometimes emergency) visit. However, in our experience scheduled visits make your costs much more predictable.

Obviously a maintenance arrangement is good for us as a service provider, but we believe it results in more satisfied clients so as an incentive, we provide some tools & add-ons (remote access, remote backup, etc.) for your environment at little or no additional cost. Ask us for details!

We maintain your technology to keep your business productive!