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Got Tech Support?

Do you have Tech Support for your business?

Many Small businesses and organization use vendors for their phones and internet service, yet they often rely on their own staff to support their computers.

Eventually they have a situation where a problem is beyond the skills or availability of their staff and then they start reaching out for support. Unfortunately these events usually cause frustration and disruptions to their business operations.

We believe that even small businesses should and can, have reliable technical support for their entire technology environment with a trusted vendor that meets their needs and budget!

The following is what Technical Support from Long Island Systems provides to your business:

A Trusted Technology Advisor
For the very small business, we are the next best thing to having your own IT department. As opposed to staff having part-time responsibility for IT or having a junior staff member who may be very tech-savvy, but without much real world experience, we believe that Long Island Systems can fill your need for technology management in a most effective manner. We bring 35 years of real world technology management experience in many different sizes and types of business together with the kind of integrity, reliability, and affordability that you want. We don't just fix computer problems for our clients, but we also provide the details, expertise, and advice they need for strategic technology decisions.
Proactive Onsite Maintenance
Many vendors focus on doing initial installations and then bill regularly for phone support and only come onsite if they have to. We believe that the best technical support relationship includes showing up at your site regularly and getting on your computers to do proactive maintenance and tune ups.
Onsite & Remote Support from Familiar Faces
When you need support we can often do that remotely, but can get to you as needed for anything that requires us to be hands-on. We often get calls from clients to take a quick look at what's on their screen to make sure it's not malware or sometimes they need a quick adjustment to a setting without having to place a billable call. You will find that when we visit and work on your systems regularly, we know you and your environment better so we can resolve problems faster and provide better strategic advice. You'll know our faces and we'll know yours as well as your systems.
Tools and Partners
As a technical support provider, we have many advanced hardware and software tools at our disposal that most small businesses do not have available. In addition, we have relationships and formal partnerships with many other vendors including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco and others that mean we can bring in the resources and expertise to deal with any situation that would often have internal staff at a roadblock.
For each of our clients, we set up and maintain a set of technical documentation including system inventories, network configurations, procedures, and software that enable us to provide better support. This documentation belongs to our clients and is maintained onsite so it's available to designated staff as needed. Along with the systems that we are directly involved in supporting, if you have other vendors for software, internet, phones, etc., we assist our clients in maintaining it all in a central location. This also enables us to provide assistance for problems or activities where our clients need our help managing or coordinating with these vendors since we speak the same tech language.
Reliable and Trustworthy Tech Support so you can focus on your business!