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We provide Branded hosting and management for your organization's website & e-Mail

Just like any large corporation, university, or government entity even the smallest organization should have its own website and e-mail presence without the hefty costs and without the headaches of maintaining in-house expertise to design and manage it themselves.

  • Website & e-Mail Hosting

  • Sometimes part of the same hosting, plan, sometimes separate. Available 24x7x365 with common tools and excellent technical support
  • Website Administration

  • Periodic and as-needed updates, page additions, and limited rebuilds along with migrations between hosting platforms
  • e-Mail Administration

  • Addition or deletion of user mailboxes, set up of generic mailboxes, alias, and forwarding. Connection from all types of e-mail clients including Outlook, smartphones, and tablets

We are primarily a technical support company focused on the equipment, software, and procedures used in small organizations. We aim to provide the organization with a single source of support for all the technology they employ in their business, but we do not present ourselves as "Web Designers".

Real web designers use artistic talent and skills to design the layout, look and feel of a website and then combine that with some technical expertise to get it to display and respond properly from the system on which it is hosted. Often times an organization will engage a web design company who will also provide the hosting and ongoing management of the website, but that's not usually cost-effective for small organizations. Web design firms are usually 'project-oriented', higher cost, and not always responsive to technical support needs. In addition, many hosting packages include e-mail which is a secondary concern for them.

While we at Long Island Systems do not provide true web design services, we are very technically literate in the hosting and administration of websites, and we do a lot of updates and rebuilds. (We design and maintain this one ourselves!) We believe the ongoing management activities for your website and e-mail are tasks rather than projects and we believe you can cost-effectively combine it with the rest of your technical support. We support websites and e-mail that are hosted at our clients' offices and we also have partnerships with the largest hosting vendors, whose tools we use everyday in the management of our clients hosting needs.

Already have a website? Already engaged a web design firm? Have seperate web and e-mail hosting? We can help!

Minimize your costs and Maximize your operational support with our Hosting & Administration

(Some hosting plans are included with certain technical support packages.)

Before and After your website & e-Mail go live, ongoing support is our job!